Moi Meme Moitié Haul

Hi everyone! Today i want to show you a little haul i did in the past months from Moi Meme Moitié.
Maybe you don't know but MmM it's my favourite brand Loli *w*

I bought this JSK in October
It's the Frame Cross Print Gathered in blue x silver.
It's really elegant and "weareble", it was one of my dream dresses.

The fabric it's 100% silk 

The print is really elegant 

And the lace it's the same color as the dress

The second dress i want to show you it's the Church Gate from MmM again and i bought it like two weeks ago lol 

I love the corset on the face side

Some details and the zip

The print is also amazing but more majestic than the other dress

I bought both of them on Lacemarket.

In January i'd like to get some socks or accessories to coordinate them!

Do you spent a good time for Christmas? I did, i ate not too much but well and i had really fun! Before the end of the year i will gonna post something, so stay tuned!

Bye Bye  ♡

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