Hi everyone! I wore this 'rock outfit' the last week at work, it's really difficult to wore cute outfits at work because i have to be comfortable and i don't like to feel with a lot of makeup and ruin cute clothes but this one it was like a compromise, i was comfortable with the right accessories.

I don't know why but in this period i want to buy a lot of fabrics and sew a lot of different deisgns, i hope to mantein the promises i did to myselt to sew something for this period <3 p="">

Crop top: Bershka
Skirt, shoes: H&M
Tights: Choies
Accessories: Ebay, Glavil by Tutuha
Jumper: OVS

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Lolita Haul

Hi everyone, i'm finally here to show you a little lolita haul i did in this period.

I bought this really gorgeous JSK from Lacemarket, it's from Moi Meme Moitiè (i have a sort of problem with that brand because i love everything from it) and it's called Cross Arch Lace Up.
The material is 100% Silk, i wore it two times and it's really comfortable. 
As you can see it's really elegant and the finishings are gorgeous (just look at the lace), i just discovered that it matches perfectly with my blouse from MmM aswell!

With the dress i received for free a pair of NWT socks called Holy Cross Lace Up Socks, i wish the in other colorways too! I was really surprised and pleased to see them, i didn't match them for now, but i will do sure sooner!

That was everything for now, i have to write a lot of updates in this period, about outfits and more hauls! I'm really happy for it.

Also, i'm registered on LookBook now:

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Gothic Lace

Hi everyone! Last weekend i finally wore lolita after very long time, i missed it so much. I also bought a new MmM JSK, it has been in my wishlist for long time and it's finally in my hands! I will post about the dress in an other post.
It was the first time i wore it and i decided to coordinate it with dark tones, next time i will try with light ones!

I also dyed my hair purple again but in those photos you can't see well, i feel beautiful and confident with it.

Headress: H&M
Blouse, JSK: Moi Meme Moitiè
Thigh highs: Local Shop
Shoes: Zara
Accessories: Vivienne Westwood, local shop

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Some weeks ago i wore a total pink outfit, i was really happy about it, and i don't know why, but when i wore pink and light colours i'm happy unmotivated! This is why i have to buy a lot of pink new clothes! I bought these new shoes from Qaunticlo, they're really comfortable! Maybe i'll buy them in other colors.

Top: local shop
Skirt: Stradivarious
Shoes: Quanticlo
Accessories: Vivienne Westwood

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Review: Soft Matte Lip Cream

Hi everyone! I'm back with a new makeup review that i wanted to do for so long time and i'm finally able to! I'm madly in love with lipsticks in general, but i love more matte lipsticks and those are amazing. I bought them in the middle of March and used like every day until now. 
I purchased only three of them: Prague, Ibiza and Copenaghen but i'm wishing to purchase more of them because the colors are simply amazing.

The first color i want to show you is Prague, my favourite one, just because prune/violet lipsticks are my favourite colors. I wore it in a lot of occasions.

Ibiza is the second color of my choice, and it's like an orange really bright, it's not my type for my color taste of lipsticks but i kinda like it. I wore it sometimes.

The last i bought is Copenaghen, its a dark red lipstick, i just wore it like twice because is a strong color. I kinda like it.

Consistence: Creamy but wait and after 5/10 seconds you will have a nice matte effect. It's not heavy, you just can't feel it and it's really good.
Color: Very bright, i will surely buy other colors in the future.
Price: medium quality and nice effect for an average price. It last for 4 hours+ if you don't eat.

I hope you'll enjoyed this review, i did my best to took very good quality photos and the real color of them (you can't imagine, it's really hard!)

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