New Year's Resolutions

As i promised, this will be my last post for 2015.

It was a really hard year because i started working so it means time to do nothing yee but i also had the chance to do a lot of things i wanted for so long time! I'm definitely not ready for 2016 because i really have to many things to do. But here's my little list of resolutions for this year:

-Be more fit

-Start the waist training

-Change at least the 80% of my wardrobe

-Booking my trip in Japan this summer

-Sew more

And last but not least is.. update the blog with a lot of different and intersting posts!

If you want you can let me know your resolutions for this year and tell what you're thinking of mine.

So for this year is everything, i guess. I wish you an happy new year 

Bye Bye 


Moi Meme Moitié Haul

Hi everyone! Today i want to show you a little haul i did in the past months from Moi Meme Moitié.
Maybe you don't know but MmM it's my favourite brand Loli *w*

I bought this JSK in October
It's the Frame Cross Print Gathered in blue x silver.
It's really elegant and "weareble", it was one of my dream dresses.

The fabric it's 100% silk 

The print is really elegant 

And the lace it's the same color as the dress

The second dress i want to show you it's the Church Gate from MmM again and i bought it like two weeks ago lol 

I love the corset on the face side

Some details and the zip

The print is also amazing but more majestic than the other dress

I bought both of them on Lacemarket.

In January i'd like to get some socks or accessories to coordinate them!

Do you spent a good time for Christmas? I did, i ate not too much but well and i had really fun! Before the end of the year i will gonna post something, so stay tuned!

Bye Bye  ♡



Hi minna!
I don't have not much to say but i wanted to show you this really cute outfit i wore two days ago. I really love that cat dress from H&M i purchased like three years ago. One of my sisters love it too but never found it at the stores. 
I wish you a Merry Christmas ♡
I will pass the 24th with some friends out, finishing the presents (oh yes 8D) and celebrating at night with family eating tons of delicious food.

What are you going to do in these days?

Bye Bye ♡♡♡


❅ Christmas 2015 Wishlist ❅

Just because Christmas it's behind the corner, i have to do a little wishlist for this, of course i hope to receive a lot of things.

Makeup / Perfums

My favourites scents at the moment are La Petite Robe Noir from Guerlain that have also a really cute packaging and Elie Saab Le Parfum from Elie Saab (don't you say?:D)

As for makeup i would like to receive the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay and the lipstick Rebel from Mac.


I would like to receive some new videogames like the Trilogy of Bioshock (PC), Bravely Default (3DS) and Alice the Madness Returns (PC).

Isn't a really huge wishlist but i think is pretty expensive. 

And you what are you going to wish for this Christmas?

Tomorrow i'll attend to a Lolita Christmas Party and i'm so excited, i can say everything it's ready, the only thing i have to do is a makeup test, but i'll try it tomorrow before to go.

Bye Bye 


DIY box

Hi sweeties <3 p="">
Finally i can do a new kind of post from my usual outfits. I've been thinking about it for several months and now i finally finished it. What is it? Well, it is a really cute box i've repainted for containing random stuff. For me and everyone else that have a lot of stuff i think it's the best thing to do creating and decorating boxes. Believe me, it's very useful if you have to take care of the appeareance of the room like me.

I've started from here. It was a normal, anonymous wood box given by my older sister, i thought it was a lovely present.

Then, i painted it with two layers of white (in photo it was one) because i decided to paint in lilac with some black details.

And with so many months and lazyness, i finally painted it with colours (i used acrylics but you can use tempera too)

 I mostly use it for my sewing stuff as you can see. 
And, if you have a box like this, what kind of things would you put inside?

Bye Bye ♡


Red Tartan

Hi everyone!
 You know my obsession for tartan things, but this time i wore a red tartan skirt. I coordinate it with a cozy light sweater, some accessories and my tartan headband to match the skirt. I was literally freezing this days, fortunately the next days were less cold.

I totally love these spiked boots, it was love at first sight when i saw them! They're really comfortable too!

Headband: flea market
Accessories: Ebay, local shops
Sweater: OVS
Boots: local shops

Bye Bye ♡


Pink Tartan

Hi everyone! I wore this outfit some days ago at my workplace and for the first time i wore a dress (not a cosplay) made by myself, i was so satisfied about the result. It's cute and comfy at the same time! What do you think? I hope to have some time to sew something for the New Year's Eve. 

Choker: ebay
Long Cardigan: OVS
OTK socks: OVS
Shoes: local shop

Bye Bye ♡♡♡