Pinku day

Hi everyone!
How are you doing? The last week in Italy was really hot, it was about around 35-40° degrees and everyone died for the weather and you couldn't do anything without sweating, also i wore really randomly and i stayed without make up on because it was really intense! Now seems to be back to the "normal" weather and we're lucky beucase the temperature get down to like 10° degress but now we have rain instead of sun. 

Two days ago there was the Pinku day, i never knew of this day before, so i wasn't prepared for wearing pink, and also, i didn't even dress up that day so.. this is a trowback.

Shirt: Swankiss (replica)
Skirt: One spo
Shoes: Oysho
Accessories, socks, local shop, Aliexpress and handmade (ring)

Bye Bye 


Alice Bow Review

Hi everyone!
Today there is a review for the site Alice Bow.

What is Alice Bow?
Alice Bow it's a shop that sells luxury leather insoles.
They are made in London and they are handmade with high quality italian leather.

I purchased, some months ago, their insoles, because i've heard of them for many times and i've always wanted to try them.
So, i decided to buy a pair for testing them.

There are two types of insoles: for high heels and flats.
I purchased the insoles for the high heels.

Cost and shipping.

Alice Bow's insoles are a bit expensive, they cost around 18 euros but the quality it's absolutely amazing.
Shipping is a bit slow, it was around three weeks, but it is an handmade product, so the time is justified.


As i previous told, the quality is amazing, the leather it's really soft and once you've wore them you don't feel them. Well, your toe it is stricly in contact with the insoles but it's a very soft and gentle contact. I wore them few times for a long time and i can say that they work very well.
For example, I have that pair of shoes that is really difficult to wear for a long time because for the wrong number, and i can't wear them for up to 30 minutes, with those insoles i wore them for up to four hours and went everything well! I wasn't unbelievable.

I think that these insoles are really unique and every woman should have a pair of them in their closet!

When I will be able, i want to purchase them in other colorways.

I bought the color "rose gold"

Shoes: Asos

Bye Bye 


Romantic tulle

Hi everyone! Summer it's on the next door and i'm already dying for the hot weather.
As the previous post, i'm not always in a good mood an i hope that in few time my life will change, i need that change and i am ready for this.

I bought this lovely skirt from the last Diamant Rose Event here in Milan and i'm totally in love with it! I always wanted a tulle pink skirt so i bought it.
The shirt is an other thing i bought recently, it's from a new Made in Italy brand, Eclipse, and it's very girly and romantic too.

Shirt: Eclipse
Skirt: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Asos
Accessories, socks: Aliexpress 

Bye bye