Scallop hem

Hi everyone! How's your life going? Mine is always difficult and i think i never been so stressed like in these months never before. I dress up cute to fight bad humor!
I love that skirt with the scallop hem! i bought it in January and just wore only few times because the fabric it's so sensistive and i don't want to ruin it.

Top: Coquette
Skirt: One Spo
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood

I wish to all of you a nice and relaxing week end! 

Bye Bye 



Hi everyone! It's finally Spring and i'm so happy! Unfortunately i'm busy with some issues but i think i'm able to handle them and i can't wait to let them soon.

I'm madly in love with this set i bought last year and i wore a cream silk shirt i made some time ago. I have to improve to sew those fabrics, they are really difficult to work with.
The top is in peluche and it's very warm, perfect for Autumn/Winter season, but unfortunately i haven't worn a lot of times during this season, because i think that don't match no cardigans of sweaters.
Do ou have any suggestions for wearing it during Winter?

Also today arrived my very first piece of Swankiss brand, my favourite Larme brand! I can't wait to wear it!

Set top + skirt: BoBon21
Silk shirt: handmade
Pumps: Primadonna

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Purple Tartan

Hi everyone! I can't believe that we are already in half March! Days are longer but it seems i don't have time to do nothing like always. On saturday i went to see the new YGO movie which you know, i'm a proud fan of it. It was really incredible.I think that Kazuki Takahashi used his heart for create such an amazing sequel. I didn't cry at the cinema but my heart was literally struggled. Also, the first serie, which is my favourite, it's very special to me.
I hope to see again the movie soon at home. And of course i need new stuff to add to my personal collection. 

Anyway, let's look to the outfit, which is completely structured of one of my favourite brands, Vivienne Westwood. She is so a talented designer and i had the privilege to buy one of the dresses of the main collection. Of course it's not cheap and it's not the newest collection, but look at those splendid onepiece. It's totally in taffetà with one of the her tartan design with those autumn-ish colors.
I paired it with my favourite heels. The colors matched perfectly.
That purple in just one eye it's a bit too much or not? Personally, i love that coord.

Dress, shoes: Vivienne Westwood

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Diamant Rose Italy Event

Hi everyone!
On the 25th of February i attended to an another Diamant Rose Italy Event here in Milan!
It was more cooler than the other one i attended. There were a lot of new items and people. Unfortunately i'm so introvert that i can't talk to strangers and only who i know well.

We played Bingo too for winning five lucky bags but unfortunately this time i didn't win but i had much fun.
I saw people that i wasn't see them for a while but in the end of the day i was very tired.
Every member of the Diamant Rose Italy staff is very gentle and available.
I'm really thankful to have some cool events for Jfashion in Milan!
Hope to see you soon in May!

Bye bye