New Year's Resolutions

As i promised, this will be my last post for 2015.

It was a really hard year because i started working so it means time to do nothing yee but i also had the chance to do a lot of things i wanted for so long time! I'm definitely not ready for 2016 because i really have to many things to do. But here's my little list of resolutions for this year:

-Be more fit

-Start the waist training

-Change at least the 80% of my wardrobe

-Booking my trip in Japan this summer

-Sew more

And last but not least is.. update the blog with a lot of different and intersting posts!

If you want you can let me know your resolutions for this year and tell what you're thinking of mine.

So for this year is everything, i guess. I wish you an happy new year 

Bye Bye 

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