Hi everyone! I know i disappeared from days from socials and here, but i did an other holyday and i was very busy with other things and in all of this, my camera went broken, so i had to buy a new one.
This new one it makes very good quality pics and i can do videos too!
Maybe i'll register something in the future.

 Do you like gingham things? I do a lot. In this period i made a lot of gingham stuff and i can't wait to show you the thing i created.

Top: Local Shop
Skirt: handmade
Shoes: Ebay
Accessories: Vivienne Westwood, Ebay

Bye Bye 



Hi everyone! I know i've been away for several time due to tiredness for work, but now i'm on holyday for one month and i'm regaining strenght! 
I'm spending these days in Zurich for my unique holyday, it's so nice visiting something new after a lot of time!

Anyway, i wore this outfit before the departure.

I bought this lovely skirt from Liz Lisa like one year ago and i never wore it, so i decided to wear it for once. Light blue isn't my color at all, you know i prefer colors like pink and purple.

Shirt: Handmade
Skirt: LizLisa
Shoes: Quanticlo 
Accessories: Vivienne Westwood

Bye Bye