Hi everyone! Today i want to show you a very cute outfit i wore some days ago, it's very light and shiny, i usually don't wore gold and beije togheter, but i think i will do more often because i like how they look on me! I would like to match my new skirt with pink aswell!

Jacket, blouse: local shop
Skirt: Taobao
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa 

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Hi everyone! Finally i can write a new outfit post. Lately i'm so lazy to wore cute things at work.
I wore this outfit for a little birthday teaparty with some friends. We ate a lot of delicious sweets ( i don't usually do, i prefer salt things) and talked a lot.

Let's talk about my outfit, i sewn the shirt, the skirt and the headband, i'm so proud of myself!
As soon as possible i will show you the other things i sewn in this period, they are a lot!

Shirt, skirt, headband: Handmade
Accessories: Bandai, H&M
Shoes: Taobao

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Spring Haul 2016

Hi everyone! Today i want to show you some shopping i did in this period.

The first item is a skirt with big pleats, i don't have so much things in this color so i decide to buy in this colorway, there was in pink too! It's a very cute and versatile skirt.

The second item is a sheer top with cherries on in! I don't know why but in this period i love cherry-themed things. I have to buy some accessories cherry-themed for complete the outfit.

This really cute top it's really weird, i have to buy some colored trousers to combine it!

This skirt is from Morph8ne, the print it's really cute, i bought it from Dollskill like one month ago due to a promotion. Even it's a really cute skirt it's not the worth price, i bought it with a discount and it was enought.

This really gorgeous sweater it's from Coquette, i bought it from a girl in my country, i never expected that was a really soft material and well maded.

That's all for now but i've had an haul from Taobao and i will post it soon.

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Romwe Haul & Review

Hi everyone! Today i wanna show you my little haul from Rowme!

The first thing is a sheer t-shirt with seashell prints. Not so much to say, i think it's wonderful and wanna coordinate it as soon as possible. When i saw it on the site i thought the seashells were a print and not a patch but i prefer it on the second way, it seems much more good with quality.

The second and last item is a cute crop top with ruffles on the bottom.
Very cute but i don't like so much this tone of pink. Is that a kind of a salmon pink, i don't know how to coordinate it.

Link; Ruffles Top

Not so much to day because the quality are like the other websites like SheIn or Choies
Slow, it took about 3-4 weeks for receive the package
Differences from the sites information: 
Everything went well, just take a look for the measurements.

Last but not least, i had some issues with the order but everything went well and i got the refund for two items!
I hope you found the review helpful!

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Lolita again

Hi everyone! I promise that i will not wore lolita for a few time, ahahah!
I wore this outfit for a loli meeting with my usual lovely girls, i was wearing the new MmM piece but this time with light colors. Do you prefer it in light or dark colors? 

Headband: offbrand
Accessories: Offbrand, Tiffany&Co, Ebay
Shirt: offbrandt
Shoes; Taobao
JSK: Moi Meme Moitiè

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