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Hi everyone! First, Happy Easter day <3 p="">
I hope you ate a lot of chocolate and delicious things! I did, but i will talk about my Easter in an other post. 
This post will be about my Choies Haul i did in January. It took like one month for the shipping.

It's one of my favourite pieces of the order. It's a sweater with some pearls sewn on it. Of course you have to wash it by hands, i think the next Autumn i will buy in the other colors because it's really cute!

Link: Pink Sweater

I've been dreaming a fake leather skirt for a while and finally i bought it! It's really comfortable, the unique thing that i don't like is the smell! Someone knows how to wash fake leather?

I fell in love with this crop top immediately! I will use a lot for sure this summer.

It's a striped shirt with organza on the sleeves, it's really particular but really annoying, i can't wear itfor too much time!

This skirt really took my heart! Also my love for pleated skirts is infinite. I feel a woman from '50 with this skirt.

And last but not for importance, a pair of fake thight highs! I wanted them so badly for a long time and finally ordered them. On the site it's signed like a free size but i recommend only for whose has 100 cm waist or lower. Higher would be badly in my opinion.

Same as Sheinside but i prefer Choies because has more cute designs.
I never imagined that took so much for the order, i thought i was like two weeks like SheIn but i was disappointed..
Differences from the sites information: 
Everything went well with measurements except fot thights.

I hope that can you find this review helpful!

Bye Bye 

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