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Finally i can do a new kind of post from my usual outfits. I've been thinking about it for several months and now i finally finished it. What is it? Well, it is a really cute box i've repainted for containing random stuff. For me and everyone else that have a lot of stuff i think it's the best thing to do creating and decorating boxes. Believe me, it's very useful if you have to take care of the appeareance of the room like me.

I've started from here. It was a normal, anonymous wood box given by my older sister, i thought it was a lovely present.

Then, i painted it with two layers of white (in photo it was one) because i decided to paint in lilac with some black details.

And with so many months and lazyness, i finally painted it with colours (i used acrylics but you can use tempera too)

 I mostly use it for my sewing stuff as you can see. 
And, if you have a box like this, what kind of things would you put inside?

Bye Bye ♡

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