Nora NYC Sunglasses Review

Hi everyone! 
This time the review is for the site Nora NYC.
That company choosed me to become their ambassador, so i choosed this pink/rosegold model that fits my soul perfectly.

What is Nora NYC?
It is a site that sells fashionable sunglasses.

Cost and shipping.
The cost is around 50$ for a pair and shipping is about 2 weeks from USA.

I never expected that amazing quality for those cheap sunnies. They also have a really nice designs on all their website. Definitely worth at last cent. I'll gonna try other models in future for sure. Obviously all lenses are UVA/UVB protection.


SAVE 10% in your order by entering "New Shades"

Mine are "Hollis" model, you can find them here.

I love that mirror lens!

Some photos wearing them

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