Discovering New Brands #1 DRIVE STORE

Hi everyone! 
I've decided to open a new kind of post here: a post where i introduce you new brands. I think it is really interesting discovering new brands because i'm always searching new styles and new ideas/ispirations. 
This is the time of Drive Store.

What is Drive Store?

Drive Store is a korean brand, which has some particular designs and on the site you can also buy from minor other korean brands.

Where i can i find it?

You can find it HERE and HERE. I discovered it yesterday night searching some vintage clothes on Asos Marketplace and then i found it, then i google it and i discovered a world!
I was so amazed by this discovery because i think they have such cute designs with those affordable prices.

This is what i'm talking about... 
Also i think that last pair of trousers may be interesting for Larme Kei Fashion.

What do you think? I'm going definetely buy from this brand soon! Also i wanna test the quality.

Bye Bye 

2 commenti:

  1. I love the Korean Style so thank you for sharing this cute brand I love it!

    1. No problem <3 in the future i'll share some new!