Gingham + cherries

Hi everyone! This time i decided to wear my handmade gingham skirt, which i designed and sewn last year and wear something in cherry themed. Obviously pom pom shoes are always a must in my outfits. I have a lot of them and would like to have more of them in the future. 
Lately i'm trying to wear only Larme Kei & Dolly kei outfit because i feel in that way in this period. Then i decided for now to quit lolita fashion, i will always love those giant beautiful dresses, with particular prints, but i have to make a choice for myself and my wallet.
Larme Kei and Dolly kei are more 'simple' to wear them in daily, and Lolita it's not that easy. I hope you understand. But for now i maintain a skirt with Alice in Wonderland theme, which is my favourite.

Top: CVG
Skirt: Handmade 
Shoes: Quanticlo
Accessories: Aliexpress

Bye Bye 

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