Scallop hem

Hi everyone! How's your life going? Mine is always difficult and i think i never been so stressed like in these months never before. I dress up cute to fight bad humor!
I love that skirt with the scallop hem! i bought it in January and just wore only few times because the fabric it's so sensistive and i don't want to ruin it.

Top: Coquette
Skirt: One Spo
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood

I wish to all of you a nice and relaxing week end! 

Bye Bye 

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  1. Hey girly! I'm hoping to purchase one of your Depop items. I'm in the US but I'm willing to pay whatever you'd like for ship. I'm in love with the item you have, and have looked everywhere for it. It seems you have the last one available? If you could please message me back I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Xo