Hi everyone! It's finally Spring and i'm so happy! Unfortunately i'm busy with some issues but i think i'm able to handle them and i can't wait to let them soon.

I'm madly in love with this set i bought last year and i wore a cream silk shirt i made some time ago. I have to improve to sew those fabrics, they are really difficult to work with.
The top is in peluche and it's very warm, perfect for Autumn/Winter season, but unfortunately i haven't worn a lot of times during this season, because i think that don't match no cardigans of sweaters.
Do ou have any suggestions for wearing it during Winter?

Also today arrived my very first piece of Swankiss brand, my favourite Larme brand! I can't wait to wear it!

Set top + skirt: BoBon21
Silk shirt: handmade
Pumps: Primadonna

 Bye bye 

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