Taobao Haul

Hi everyone! I know i'm so late in these days but i had a lot to do with other things, but now i'm back and i can write a lot of post from now on. Also in 17 days i will be in holyday and i'm so happy!

The first thing i bought is a really cute pink shirt, It's a very good quality and you can't really say it bacause it was really cheap!

Second item is from One Spo, it's a bit large on the waist but it suits me well anyway.

This is one of the item i loved most. It's a lilac skirt with heart silver buttons. it looks really nice and fit me well.

This is a set i bought it separately, i'm madly in love with those pieces unless the top doesn't fit me and i have to enlarge it. Both of the items have a lot of cute details.

Last item is a black cutsew with ruffle collar, it's from Snidel. Really comfortable and i hope to get the white colorway in the future!

Do you like my haul? Have you bought something from it? 

Bye Bye 

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