Spring Haul 2016

Hi everyone! Today i want to show you some shopping i did in this period.

The first item is a skirt with big pleats, i don't have so much things in this color so i decide to buy in this colorway, there was in pink too! It's a very cute and versatile skirt.

The second item is a sheer top with cherries on in! I don't know why but in this period i love cherry-themed things. I have to buy some accessories cherry-themed for complete the outfit.

This really cute top it's really weird, i have to buy some colored trousers to combine it!

This skirt is from Morph8ne, the print it's really cute, i bought it from Dollskill like one month ago due to a promotion. Even it's a really cute skirt it's not the worth price, i bought it with a discount and it was enought.

This really gorgeous sweater it's from Coquette, i bought it from a girl in my country, i never expected that was a really soft material and well maded.

That's all for now but i've had an haul from Taobao and i will post it soon.

Bye Bye 

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