SheInside Review

Hi everyone! In this post i want to review for the first time the site SheIn (or SheInside).
If you don't know about it's a site where you can buy a lot of cheap clothes. That because prices are low don't expect a good quality of the clothes.

The first item i bought it's this super cute pink sweatshirt. It's really comfy and warm, the only thing it's not ok that the color it isn't like shown in the stock photo. In the stock photo was like a baby pink, but once it's arrived the color is more like peach and i definetely not like it. I will sell because of the color, but i like the model!

This is a super cute t-shirt with a hole heart shaped in the bust area. It's really cute and warm, but the shape of the heart isn't good and the seam it hasn't been done well.

This shirt is one of my favourite pieces, if you remember i wore this in one of the last outfits. The measures are good and it's really light, so i recommened it only for hot seasons.

This is the second item i liked most. it's a salopette in tartan with buttons on the face side, it's really cute and flirty, not to much short in my opinion.

I'm sorry to say that i'm really disappointed of this skirt. Well, not about the design but the fabric. On the site the fabric is indicated with "polyester" and i was thinking it was in chippon or something similar but in reality the fabric is neoprene, which is a solid one.

The last item i bought it's this pair of sunglasses. I wished them for so long time in the past year and i was really happy to see them on the site! 

Quality: ☆☆
Cheap prices for cheap products, they can do nothing about it.
Shipping: ☆☆☆☆☆
The shipping was quite fast, i received the items in two weeks from the order.
Differences from the site information: 
I think this depends on which product, beware of what are you going to buy and read all the reviews.

I hope you guys you can find this review helpful <3 p="">

Bye Bye 

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