Pastel & Cats

Yaay! I finally defeated lazyness and now i can restart spamming my stuff. Last week i dyed my hair purple again and i was so excited! I passed a good time at Lucca Comics & Games and when i will have some photos and the video of the Harajuku parade i will talk about it!
And last but not least i bought the ticket for the upcoming Christmas Lolita event here in Milan and now i have to plan the outfit.

Let's talk about the outfits: the first one i wore it at the work and i was really comfortable with it! It's cozy and cute at the same time, the perfect compromise for this season.

Choker: Ebay
Sweater: Offbrand
Skirt: Ebay
Shoes: Don't know

☆` ・☪☽°☆・°:** `★・*☆` ・☪☽°☆・°:*- * `★・*☆

And the last outfit was cat and blue themed!

I'm sad to say that this shoes are really uncomfortable and i don't know if i'm going to seel them or not

Sweater: Offbrand
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Ebay

Which one do you prefer?

Bye Bye  ♡

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