Haul August/September

Hi everyone! Finally the haul posts are back, did you missed them? I really didn't spend too much in this period because i have to save money for the future projects  (´◕ω◕`)

I bought these two skirt from a local shop and on ebay. i was really totally in love for them! But unfortunately, i didn't match the second one yet because i don't know how to do it. Any suggestions? (눈‸눈) 

☆` ・☪☽°☆・°:** `★・*☆` ・☪☽°☆・°:*- * `★・*☆

This lovely set it's from H&M, it costs a bit but it's really worth it because you can wear them in a lots of ways  (●`・(エ)・´●) ! 

The last one but non for importance, the other day arrived my second pair of creepers of my life, they're a super versatile and comfy, adaptables for every occasion ლ(o◡oლ)

Did you bought something in this period? (亝ω亝。)

And the last thing is that i hope i'm going to manage an order from japan from Rakuten, or at least, i hope ahah (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

Bye Bye ♡

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