Lightening Hair Mask DIY

Hi people, tonight i want to write for you a very little recipe that you can do easily with some ingredients that you can find in the kitchen. It works really good with dark hair too.

-brewer's yeast (it's the fundamental ingredient because it has a really lightening effect)
-white yogurt (enought, this time i used only one jar but today i used two jars and was better)
-honey (one spoon, or what you want, honey has an hydrating effect too)
-turmeric (these are two spices)
-ginger (but is optional since i don't eat/use this)

-chamomille for the rinse after the shampoo/conditioner

I usually wait 20/30 minutes and then wash it with shampoo and other treatments. I tried many times to lighten my hair with a similar recipe without brewer's yeast, but i noticed since i use this ingrendient has more power than the others.

In this period i try to lighten my hair because the next month i will dye them in purple because if you have lighten hair the color of the dye will takes better.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Bye Bye 

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