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Hi people! Finally i can write a post about  the comics festival near my town in the last month!

Since the weather was too cold i decided to go on saturday with a cozy outfit and then the sunday i would have brought a cosplay.

The second day i brought Nagisa Momoe from PMMM

Those are the fabrics i used.

Unfortunately i don't have proper pics of work in progress and of the cosplay itself, that because me and my friend were a bit disappointed on our works, but in the end, when i sawthese two photos i was surprised because i wasn't horribile as i thought.

I promised to myself that from now on i will work more and more ლ(o◡oლ)

P.S. i changed the graphic as well, what do you think of it? Personally i'm in love with those colours and the theme (亝ω亝。)

Bye Bye ★★★

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