Hi readers and happy new year to all! i told you in the last post that the next post will be about my Christmas and New Year Eve outfit, so here i am! ♡(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I passed Christmas eve dinner to my older sister house (she has two adorable sons with her fiancè, one is a girl and the other one is a boy). We had a rich dinner, we ate fish plates like salmon, shrimps and pasta with clams, we were really full and satisfied and obviously we ate the dessertㆁωㆁ*). We passed a lovely night, we watched cartoons with grandchildren and we talked a lot.  

The next day, Christmas, we lunched our four (me, mom and two of my sisters), we ate of course a lot, it was great!

I didn't receive significant presents, infact the only important thing i received (i will receive because i have to buy it) it is a mannequin (´◒ω◒`).
 I didn't except that and i'm really happy about it, can't wait to have and use it!

☆` ・☪☽°☆・°:** `★・*☆` ・☪☽°☆・°:*- * `★・*☆

 I have to be sincere with you, it is the first happy Christmas since like.. 7/8 years. I'm really happy because, i realized that to stay good with others (in this case with my "restricted" family) it is important to be comfortable with yourself and finally i am. (*・∀・*)人(*・∀・*)

☆` ・☪☽°☆・°:** `★・*☆` ・☪☽°☆・°:*- * `★・*☆

For the New Year's Eve party i choose a simple and comfy outfit. It wasn't so special because i was in a bad mood to dress up(ㆀ˘・з・˘)  and make up, fortunately, the night went really good and quite, i came back home at 7 a.m. without so much tiredness.

In the next days i spent my "holidays" eating tons of chocolate and good food but also searching for a work. 

The next month i will cosplay Nagisa Momoe from Madoka Magika and i have yet to buy the fabrics (ノ⊙ヮ⊙)ノ

Next posts will be about my skincare and my last purchases in the last months, so stay tuned!

Bye bye (●♡ᴗ♡●)

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  1. very cute outfits, love the heels :) so gorgeous
    lets follow eachother! let me know and l will follow back :)

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