Red is the key

New post about last news i got ☆

Firstly i want to let you know that my computer was broken in these days (ㆀ˘・з・˘), so i hadn't the chance to stay up on internet and of course, to update the blog. Fortunately it wasn't the computer the problem but his charge, so i only had to buy a new one and now runs perfectly! (پ´∀پ)

First outfit of saturday:

I wanted to wear this cute grey cardigan that i stole from one of my sisters ((亝ω亝。)) and i decided to coordinate it with my Vivienne Westwood's bag and a pair of high heels, i wasn't sober, i admit it!

Details (*´ï`*):

And my last outfit picture, it was yestarday, i was at university for an exam (i passed really well so i was really satisfied and happy!) ( ꒪Д꒪)

I love to wear tartan (expecially in the colour of red), i hope to buy a new dress in this fantasy this year, i need it (it's a lie but i don't know why but every autumn since 3 or 4 years i buy something in tartan (،♥‿♥،) 

Red + red = ♥♥♥

My makeup was really natural and soft, i only used a lot of pink blush, a bit of mascara and a natural lipstick.

In these days i also sewn by hands a Teru Teru Bozu because of rain, it really rained too much ⊙△⊙

This year it's a little bit creepy, i hope to sew better the next year! 

And last but not least..

- two exams until  my degree, i'm so nervous but excited at the same time!
In this days, since my pc was melted, i picked up my old DS to play the second title of Phoenix Wright, (i almost finished it), i'm so in love with this saga, don't you?

I hope i didn't annoyed you with my last news  ،◕‿◕،

Bye bye 

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